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Thursday, February 23, 2017

A chance to take action against sexualizing our youth on APRIL 1, 2017!

If you were infuriated upon hearing the discussion of "pedophilia" and "pederasty" in the Milo scandal [explained below, in case you missed it] then do more than tweet and post angry statements against Mr. Yiannopoulos. The bigger issue is what's happening in your children's schools! An organization called the Human Rights Campaign is spending millions to force kids to learn about homosexuality and other age-inappropriate sex issues. This will make the scandalous issue of 13-year-old boys engaging in sex acts with older men even more acceptable and viewed as normal. On April 1, 2017, Mass Resistance Texas will be hosting a gathering in order to bring together parents and citizens who are ready to tell our leaders in Austin that we will not stand by and let our children be sexually degraded!

See this article below for background...

How to Recover from Post-Milo Stress Disorder
Robert Lopez

To recap: On February 1, 2017, Milo’s scheduled appearance in Berkeley incited riots. These revealed the left’s psychological unraveling. Nineteen days later, on February 20, the right wing’s support for Mr. Yiannopoulos crumbled amid hysteria about excerpts of Milo’s references to his own experience as a sexual abuse victim. Between a Sunday and a Tuesday, CPAC deleted Milo from their schedule of speakers and replaced him with non-provocative Michael Reagan. Milo lost a publishing deal for a book that had risen to the top of Amazon’s pre-order list, and resigned from his position as editor of Breitbart.

Sexual abuse is a topic on which many people cannot think rationally. Even conservatives with PhDs cannot distinguish between Milo’s words and actual deeds (like those committed by Roman Polansky or Harvey Milk). It remains mysterious that my two dozen American Thinker articles published between 2011 and 2016, warning about pederasty in the gay community, never compelled the moralists who now flaunt virtuous umbrage over Milo. From conservatives we should expect an ability to differentiate between words and physical violence, lest we be like the Trigglypuffs of the safe-space wasteland. But indeed, such distinctions have gotten lost.

Having once authored a confessional/advice column called “Here’s What You Should Know to Take on Big Gay,” I have insights that might help here. I am what many consider “ex-gay,” namely a bisexual male who was born again in Christ and committed himself to chastity, currently going on seventeen years in a happy marriage, blessed by a beautiful wife and two adorable children. I came to this stage of life after having been pulled into homosexuality by two older teenagers who plied me with liquor and teamed up on me. I survived fifteen subsequent years of abusive and self-destructive compulsion in a gay network of sex trafficking, racist exploitation, and emotional abuse.

My earliest attempts to articulate the Sexual Revolution’s horrors came in the early 1990s, when I wrote Porngraphic Regime as my senior essay in political science. Attempts to recall these experiences through fiction led to several novels, which were so graphic and shocking that I concluded my history of abuse had rendered me incapable of ever being a creative writer. I devoted myself to nonfiction.

As a scholar, I entered the fray with my 2011 and 2015 books, Colorful Conservative and Jephthah’s Daughters, both of which included warnings that LGBT ideology was distorting the humanities and advancing an oppressive neo-liberalism for which traditional conservatives were woefully unprepared. As a result of my writings and many of my public statements, both GLAAD and the Human Rights Campaign placed me on their watch-lists while skittish conservatives sometimes helped and at other times backed away from me. In 2016 I was partly forced and partly chose to abandon tenure at a California state college.

Meanwhile, Breitbart’s much younger Milo went on a breakneck national tour and drew out liberal overreactions, which helped expose the left’s totalitarianism so that the right could be cast as heroes by contrast. It is excruciating to watch someone used, betrayed, and discarded by people who are ostensibly on our side. It leaves many with the nagging question, “am I next?”

Practically speaking, Milo is unlikely to vanish quietly. More likely he will gather the remnants of his following and will continue his polemics, pointing his scathing truth-telling against us rather than against our neo-liberal enemies. We must avoid repeating this nightmare. Two tips:

Don’t use people.

Sleazy predators preyed on a thirteen-year-old Milo. They are roughly equal in vice to the political groups that lured him into their war against the campus left with the temptations of fame, glory, and mass adulation.

Gay subcultures often eroticize and caricature young men with emotional scars. Such wounded but alluring youngsters entertain people for whom unstable lives look exotic and dazzling. The porn star, stripper, hustler, drag performer, rough trade, circuit boy, and eye candy recur as archetypes in the gay underworld. Impresarios liquor them up, make them sniff amyl nitrates, promise them some goodies if they really draw a crowd, and then cut them loose when their collapses become public or their bodies fall apart. Judy Garland’s Orphic descent into Hollywood’s purgatory struck such a chord with gays. Many see themselves in “Judy.”

Whoever was behind Milo’s spectacles must have seen signs that he was overworked and unstable. When I prepare for a one-hour lecture, I spend hours and hours figuring out what to say. I rest and make sure I trust planners to organize the event without exposing me to harm. Imagine Milo’s backbreaking roster of one-hour solo lectures, billed to thousands of people with provocative titles (“Feminism is Cancer” and “Dangerous Faggot”). Such titles attract hordes of creepy crawlers and unhinged antagonists. Nobody could maintain that kind of schedule without deteriorating, losing control over the discourse, and misspeaking.

Milo was typecast as a cartoon. It is wrong that people blame him instead of the vampires and users who handled him. He drew hordes of young people who found conventional conservatism stuffy, while pushing the left’s buttons and provoking countless liberal meltdowns, which could be captured on YouTube. His flamboyant gayness allowed conservatives to feign resistance to the left without having to publicize a crucial truth: namely, true conservatives believed, based on debatable but defensible grounds, that homosexuality itself was dangerous to a civil society and had a long history of being banned and denounced because it led to harmful sex practices and traumatic confusion about sexual identity, family integrity, and bodily integrity. Those who promoted Milo had to have known that they were encouraging him to showcase the very aspect of himself—his sexual transgressions—which would make full citizenship in conservative circles impossible.

In other words, they were using him. You should never do that. A movement based on conservative principles needs to be humane, ethical, and honest.

Stop being scared of LGBTs

“Homophobia” means, technically, irrational fear of gay people. The right is timid and self-limiting when they defy the gay lobby’s demands. Conservatives seem to fear that LGBTs have supernatural powers, rendering them dangerous and impassable adversaries.

If people truly hate sexual exploitation of teenage boys, they need to mobilize immediately against the Human Rights Campaign’s Welcoming Schools initiative, which is well-funded and hypersexualizes school curriculum. Milo’s remarks are nothing compared to the long-lasting damage the HRC could inflict on millions more Milos, if this subject matter creeps into elementary classrooms. My own experience reveals that established conservatives, even if they present themselves as fearless crusaders, scatter like terrified mice whenever the Human Rights Campaign appears.

The HRC was exposed illegally publishing private tax returns. This organization was founded partly by Terry Bean, a wealthy friend of Barack Obama who narrowly avoided a trial over sexually abusing a teenage boy, through suspicious payments offered to the boy's family and his sudden, unexplained disappearance before court hearings. The HRC shared some responsibility for the terrorist attack by Floyd Corkins on the offices of the Family Research Center in 2012. In 2014, the HRC slandered two dozen “exporters of hate”—including me—who had gone to painful lengths to advance conservative causes. As all this happened, I assumed that at some point I would see a unified movement by Christian conservatives to fight hard against the HRC. The HRC should be driven out of any association with government, picketed, denounced in uncompromising terms, and turned into a massive liability for anybody tied to them financially or otherwise.

The HRC knows it can foist perversions on unwitting schools all across America and crush anybody who speaks out against them. They know they can neutralize the political forces with weapons to fight them by drugging such Republican leaders with money, champagne, social connections, and flattery in DC. People who fight for the cause, like me and Brittany Klein, are left defenseless. Others, like Tom Littleton and Joseph Sciambra, are shut out of the churches whose theology they are risking all to defend.

Two trends result from this dynamic. First, grassroots activists become disenchanted with the weak-willed decorum of buttoned-up experts. They grown inclined to flout the think-tanks and become open to blunt inciters like Milo, who appeal to their appetite for confrontation, brutal honesty, and dramatic license. Second, gay groups like the HRC rehearse and perfect a battle tactic that only grows more effective the more they use it. They keep up their corrupt connections to the DC leadership on the right, ensuring that entrenched conservative leaders will perceive a steep price to pay if they ever challenge Big Gay. Meanwhile, they stay on the lookout for any rogue reformers like Sciambra or Yiannopoulos, compiling dossiers full of embarrassing quotes or scandals to pull out in well-timed and choreographed hit campaigns.

As soon as someone like Milo poses a serious threat, the fix is in. An epic smear takes place. Hordes of irascible Christians react with instant outrage and call for blood. The left plays puritan and the establishment right effortlessly sweeps away their rival for the base’s sympathies.

Milo’s fall was a huge disaster. We can’t repeat it. Take my two tips and consider them carefully.

Robert Oscar Lopez can be followed at English Manif, CogWatch, or Twitter.

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