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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What the Human Rights Campaign is doing in the Austin ISD?

This April 1st, the Austin community and the Texas public at large will hear about what the Human Rights Campaign is doing in the Austin Independent School District. Why should it matter to you? Because everyday thousands of you drop off your kids at your local public elementary school doorstep and trust that he or she will be educated in reading, writing and arithmetic. But what you don't know is that teachers are becoming increasingly responsible for your child's development in areas well outside the basics. Teachers are already in charge of making sure your kids eat well, exercise, and treat each other as they want to be treated (character training). It only makes sense that the next step would be to spiritual training. What would you call meditation exercises called mindfulness where your child is staring at a pulsating ball on a screen while listening to a voice giving instructions? Or maybe you’ve taught your kids that they are a special because they were born a boy or a girl and are fearfully and wonderfully made. Maybe you send your kids to weekly religion classes where a family of a father, mother and children are encouraged and weddings and confirmations or similar religious celebrations are sacred to family life. Welcoming Schools will teach them differently. That’s right, your elementary school library has a section of books just to teach your kid otherwise. As a matter of fact, the HRC’s normalization of homosexuality begins in Pre K-5 under Welcoming Schools and continues right through high school all in the name of antibullying. Look for the AISD rainbow stickers posted around your kids’ campus.
I spent the last seven years of my teaching career coaching parents in the areas of parental academic responsibilities and stressing their role as their child’s first teachers. From the very beginning of our relationship, we formed an alliance. Myself, as teacher. They as the directors of their kids’ academic futures. Many of the parents invited me to their birthday parties, confirmations, and even to a wedding once. Even now I occasionally see many of my students. So, imagine how I felt the day I was trained to go against their beliefs, not to mention my own. These families of young children trusted me and confided in me about many issues outside the academic realm.
Why join Mass Resistance TX?
So, just like the body of Christ, I see Mass Resistance TX with many members that are gifted with God given skills to be used for the Kingdom. The way I see it, I didn’t look for this cause, it found me. Actually, I had prayed if God would open doors, I would walk through them. I’m just doing my part. And so I won’t stop wanting to get out the word to Austin families. 

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