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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Making an Appearance at the Tea Party Rally

April 17 at the TX Capitol with the Tea Party Crowd

Yesterday, Jennifer Delgado, Sharon Armke, and I spent a good portion of our day at the capitol connecting with Tea Party members. 

I arrived to join in at the rally on the south side of the capitol. One of the speakers was Senator Bob Hall that represents the East Dallas area.  I gave him the recent flyer I created, and he was well aware of our recent April 1 event.  He also requested I send him the Welcoming Schools training modules from AISD. 

Later that afternoon, we attended the open mic session on the third floor.  Jennifer (and 1 year old Gabriela) and Sharon quickly began to talk with members in the hallway and inside the court of appeals room and passed out flyers.   I was eventually introduced by the moderator and was given about five minutes. 

During the sessions. I noticed a gentleman taping the session, he asked for my info and identified himself as a representative of "Raging Elephant Radio".  He's interested in booking an interview with me.  After the sessions were over, Sharon and I were approached by Eugene Ralph, a fellow believer and minister, from Game Chaingers and the Joshua Initiative (Regional Director in Dallas).  He was very supportive and encouraged us to connect with JA to get the word out about Welcoming Schools. Eugene also gave us some good ideas for our website.   Both of these men are African American and I can see that God is opening new doors that include that community!

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