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Friday, April 28, 2017

Steven Hotze's summary of the status of SB 6

SB 6, the bill proposed to prevent men from entering female bathrooms, seems to be widely supported in Texas but it keeps getting blockaded in the Texas legislature. Steven Hotze summarizes below:

Below is an excerpt:

So, the issue of SB 6 boils down to one of two choices for each state representative, either “No Men in Women’s Bathrooms, Showers and Locker Rooms” or “I Pee with LGBT.”

SB 6 was overwhelmingly passed by the Texas Senate by a 21-10 margin on March 14. Straus has not yet referred SB 6 to a house committee for a hearing.
Straus is blocking SB 6 and most Republican representatives are allowing him to do this. Only 35 of 95 Republican state representatives have put their name on the line as supporting SB 6There are 60 Republican representatives who will not even take a stand to protect the privacy and safety of women and girls. They are willing to sell out the safety of their mothers, wives, daughters and granddaughters to protect their financial interests. They love filthy lucre more than they love their family members or God’s immutable standards of behavior. They do not want Straus to bring it up. These 60 Republican Representatives have caved in to Straus.
If SB 6 were to be voted upon by the House, then it would pass overwhelmingly. Republicans would vote for it to protect their hide. If any Republican voted “I Pee with the LGBT” then he would face strong opposition in Republican primary. Straus and his lieutenants are blocking SB 6.
A motion needs to be made to vacate the chair and remove Straus from the speaker position. Straus is going to lead his followers down to defeat in the upcoming Republican primary elections in 2018 because they have not had the courage to oppose Straus and his liberal agenda. Most Republican state representatives do not even have the courage to protect the privacy and safety of women and girls by preventing perverted men and boys from entering women’s and girls’ bathrooms, showers and locker rooms.
No one should be considered a minority deserving of preferential treatment, because of their chosen sexual perversion, their so-called “gender identity” or the types of sexual acts in which they engage. These are all chosen behaviors. Take this thought process to its natural progression; what would prevent some activist judge from ruling that those who practice prostitution, transvestitism, pedophilia or bestiality are part of this class deserving of special protection because of their sexual orientation?

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