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Monday, April 3, 2017

The April 1 Meeting Got A Lot Done!

MassResistance Texas had our first citizen action meeting at Oak Meadow Baptist Church in Austin, Texas. It was a great success! We brought together people from across Texas and really forged some action networks, which I hope will help parents protect their children from bad curriculum being forced on their schools.

The protesters never showed up but instead a solid group of energized parents and activists came together to form real plans to push back against the sneaky LGBT curriculum. The Latino pastor provided translations of all the presentations, and was a godly, warm man. Caryl Ayala and Sharon Armke impressed me a great deal with their energy and discernment. It delighted me to see Brian Camenker and Michelle Cretella again, always great folks to connect with. Meeting Tom Littleton inspired me too, though I felt I'd known him because we'd spent so many hours on the phone brainstorming ways to halt the Gay Lobby from subverting the Southern Baptist Convention. While I'd spoken in the past with Peter LaBarbera and David Pickup, in Austin I got to meet them and spend time talking to them face to face, which was great.

Brian Camenker

When the history of our social movement is written, Brian Camenker has to be recorded as a guy with incredible foresight and vision. He started MassResistance in deep-blue Boston twenty-two years ago. Following the example of figures like Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, Camenker noted that the natural inclination of mankind is to create tyrannies, often where people least expect them. In the 1990s, while Americans were largely tricked into believing that the gays were innocent, non-threatening victims who were simply asking to be respected, Camenker noted the disturbing facets of the oncoming movement. Regardless of how we might like gay individuals in our lives, the gay movement has been, at least since the 1990s, spearheaded by vicious organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, devoted to intimidating and humiliating dissenters from their orthodoxy, rather than trying to win people over with persuasive arguments. Camenker spotted the tyrannical underpinnings of the gay movement when few were able to see that. For that he deserves tremendous credit. Among pro-family activists, he also stands out as one of the few who understood the hopelessness of trying to combat the gay movement through large, well-funded think-tanks. The gay movement's advantage always came with its superior money and access to people in high places, largely because the gay organizations could raise lots of money but never had to spend it on providing services according to strict metrics, with the result that the gay groups could devote massive treasuries to harassing churchs, schools, and conservative groups that couldn't resist. Camenker saw this and realized that the only way to combat the gay movement would be to acknowledge the advantage gays had in money and elite access, give up trying to fight in those arenas, and instead go to the grassroots to profit from the advantages our side has: We have the Truth (we are right about most everything) and we have the people, since most Americans still agree with us about chastity, sexual responsibility, and children's need for modesty and innocence. He introduced the speakers and emceed the action meeting.

Caryl Ayala

Following Camenker's introduction, two retired Austin teachers spoke, Caryl Ayala and Sharon Armke. They were passionate and eloquent as they explained how their careers were derailed by the force of the LGBT agenda. I'd known that the LGBT activists were trying to get into schools but I had no idea until now how deeply they had infiltrated pre-K and early elementary ed without parents or voters knowing. Caryl explained how she was forced to endure hours of training to be an "LGBT-affirming teacher" and there were implicit threats that teachers who objected would not advance. She said children as young as four were given books and assignments requiring them to tell teachers how they felt about people of same sex falling in love, same-sex couples raising children, and people transitioning between sexes. She was even told not to refer to students as boys and girls... in pre-K.

Sharon Armke

Sharon Armke delivered a passionate speech complementing Caryl's, about how her dreams of getting her principal's certificate were dashed when she was dropped from the Internship her last semester. She was allowed to graduate with a MEd, but was not allowed to complete the Internship for her principal certification. She could not be hired as a principal after spending over $20,000 for the program. Why? She had not agreed with the LGBT agenda presented in many classes. She had not argued. She had just been silent and refused to agree with their LGBT agenda as it was forced on the students in class after class. When she asked her supervisor why they dropped her, he responded, "Nobody said life was fair."

But Sharon stated that the worst thing about the situation was what was being taught to children as young as four. She brought an email just sent to her, telling her how a librarian at an Austin ISD middle school was encouraging sixth-grade students to read homosexual romance novels. As a result of an authority figure advertising and promoting homosexuality, one parent told Sharon how her daughter's friend in sixth grade had just decided she was a lesbian! The predatory nature of this LGBT agenda is exposed. They are deliberately confusing children and creating children who think that they are homosexual as a direct result of classroom instruction. Sharon considers this purposeful child abuse at the hands of public school teachers and administrators.

Michelle Cretella

Michelle Cretella lectured via Skype but it felt like she was really with us for real! She delivered an excellent Powerpoint and lecture about the natural development of children's sexual identities. She is the president of the American College of Pediatricians, a group that includes 500 top experts in child medicine across the country. She explained where a lot of the trans agenda crosses the line into child abuse when it's being forced on minors. It is normal, she explained, for a lot of children to be gradual and subtle in their eventual recognition of sex differences as well as their sex identity. There is nothing abnormal about a child wishing to be of the opposite sex, all the way up until the age of seven or right. Medication, raising the child as the opposite sex, or surgery are all dangerous forms of manipulating a child. Since psychiatrists have long known that prior to puberty, children can waver in their identification with males or females, there is no reason to inflict transitioning measures on children when they are young. The risk of sterility alone is enough to make many of the hormone-blockers incredibly unethical, let alone the surgery. The research currently offers no evidence that children are born with a trans or gay identity.

My talk on educational institutions

After Michelle's eye-opening lecture, I spoke for about 15 minutes on the real-life impact of LGBT curriculum on educational institutions. Mapping out the connections among five areas of academic work -- research, teaching, service, administration, and credentialing -- I explained that LGBT curriculum never enters the institutions innocently. Rather, the research becomes heavily doctored and politicized, and teachers are forced to open up classroom time to topics that are almost destined to provoke responses that can be used as the basis for disciplinary action. The teacher is accused of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation if he doesn't show enthusiastic support for LGBT claims based on bad research, which are not even true. As teachers start to censor themselves, the service area of schools also declines, because now clubs, guest presenters, extracurricular events, the school libraries, and disciplinary procedures all become captive to people's fear of being labeled as anti-gay. Gay-straight alliances are encouraged while Christian clubs are discouraged. Kids who mock Christian views on chastity are seen as speaking out and expressing themselves, while kids who do not state that homosexuality is good are seen as disruptive and bullying. The major point here is that the LGBT curriculum does not only warp one part of the educational system, but all of it, and parents have to fight back early on.

Tom Littleton

Rev. Littleton is a Southern Baptist evangelist from Alabama who spent years in ministry outreach to homosexuals. Along the way he got to know a lot about the LGBT movement, how little it did to help actual gay people, and how fixated it was with the churches. Rev. Littleton brought many books and exhibits with him to show how, since the 1960s, concerted efforts backed by enormous funding have focused on changing the world religions to make rules about chastity no longer operable. He mentioned the Yogyakarta Principles and earlier works. He discussed his own meetings with people in the Human Rights Campaign, who told him several years ago that one grant had been for $8 million to create ways to change Baptist churches in Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas. The gay groups sought to send trans youth or gay couples into churches to "test" them. People in churches, even in the Bible Belt, were intimidated into accepting homosexuality. Pastors refrained from discussing sexuality in sermons and came to pretend as though certain scriptures like Romans 1 did not even exist. Tom's lecture was a sobering review of how far the tentacles of this lobby have reached even into churches, which bodes ill for hopes of religious liberty in the future.

Peter LaBarbera

Peter has had years of experience working on the dangers of the organized LGBT movement. He gave us a shocking overview of the way corporations are dragged into this agenda. The Human Rights Campaign creates a 100-point "equality index" which becomes the basis for companies to be boycotted or penalized in the market (notice how many corporations threatened to pull out of North Carolina over the bathroom bill.) As Peter explained, the scoring system requires corporations to hold extensive training sessions that beat employees over the head with LGBT ideology. Moreover, there has to be a system of investigating bias and recruitment efforts geared toward getting gays to work for them. One factor is whether the corporation gives money to LGBT groups like the Human Rights Campaign! Companies lose 25 points out of 100 if they donate to groups deemed anti-LGBT or have any other "blemishes" or public controversies about ill-treating LGBTs. Peter showed how these policies create a shakedown system, a system of extortion, which continues swelling the coffers of the Human Rights Campaign. 

Video of Children of Gays

I introduced and explained this video to state that activists should not cite concern for children with gay parents as the reason to force their pro-LGBT materials onto elementary schools. The depictions of gay parenting in pro-LGBT curricular materials are so one-sided they come across, to most children raised in such homes, as insultingly false. Kids feel erased rather than affirmed, because the whole school is romanticizing an image of gay parenting that erases their pains and makes it impossible for them to come forward with their struggles. These excerpts come from adult children of LGBTs looking back. 

David Pickup

David Pickup is a licensed therapists who deals with many clients who struggle with gender identity or sexual orientation issues traced back to childhood. David talked about the problem of these new curricula coinciding with the massive movement to ban any counseling for youths other than counseling designed to get them to come out as gay. In 25 states LGBT activists have sought to criminalize any counseling for young people to help them resolve unwanted same-sex attractions or gender confusion. Even the well-documented role of trauma and sex abuse in many such cases has been swept aside by courts fearful of being attacked by LGBT activists. The result is that schools, as they introduce suggestive curriculum about homosexuality and transgenderism, are also offering students corrupt and deficient counseling, always telling students to identify as LGBT even when in many cases these students would be much better off resolving other issues tied to their confusion, and waiting until adulthood, by which time the majority of these young people will end up heterosexual if left alone.

Action Plans

The lectures were provocative and informative, but parents also want to know: What do we to stop this agenda? I distributed our 25-page citizen action packet and went over eight different courses of action we can take to pressure schools, churches, communities, governments, and press outlets to tell the truth about the harm done by LGBT curriculum in pre-K-through-5 education, and to start cleaning these harmful influences out of the schools so Texas kids learn:


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