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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Robert Oscar Lopez

On April 1, 2017, MassResistance Texas had its first public event: a citizen action meeting in Austin’s Oak Meadow Baptist Church. We gathered to discuss the crisis of elementary school curriculum in Texas. In particular, organized LGBT groups such as the Human Rights Campaign have amassed daunting funds and infiltrated Texas, district by district, with the goal of forcing homosexual and transgender content on children as young as four years old. See:

I was proud to be part of the event, even one of its speakers. The line I stated, which seemed to win the most cheers from the crowd was, “I realized, after years of fighting these battles, forget the millennials, the first people you need behind your movement are little old church ladies—they show up, they bring food, and they don’t abandon you under pressure.” There were loud cheers, and one gentleman stood up to say, “there’s a reason you need the little old church ladies—their prayer meetings.” The regularity of prayer meant that such meetings helped church ladies check in with God and fine-tune action strategies.

On April 1, experts came and shared crucial information, of course. MassResistance Texas will place these lectures online on its website soon.

Brian Camenker reviewed the history of American resistance to tyranny.

Caryl Ayala and Sharon Armke spoke of their experiences as Texas teachers overwhelmed by LGBT curriculum.

I discussed the structure of education and how LGBT curriculum undermines research, teaching, administration, service, and credentialing simultaneously.

Tom Littleton showed how the LGBT lobby has systematically sought to silence churches so that religious people do not resist their school takeovers.

Peter LaBarbera reviewed the corporate collusion with the LGBT lobby and how groups like Human Rights Campaign “shake down” companies for money and support.

David Pickup drew from his experience as a therapist to show how youth counseling has been corrupted by LGBT activists falsely claiming that any “reparative therapy” is criminal and abusive.

But these experts’ information will not move anything without the power of people in specific communities gathering force to safeguard local schools against this agenda. The grassroots will make or break efforts. We reviewed a “citizen action packet.” There is so much to do to save Texan children from the harms of false LGBT teaching. We have seen that politicians, high-profile intellectuals, and even church leaders are given to wavering and backing down, or losing focus, while the LGBT lobby advances.

But in my years of fighting for family causes, I’ve never seen little old church ladies let us down. We need a revolution now—and they are the key, if we can harness their power and show them the respect they deserve.

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