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Friday, May 19, 2017

Austin ISD and Human Rights Campaign Hurl Windstorm of Paper at Texas Citizen Exercising Her Legal Rights

At "Take Back the SHAC," a Texas citizen has posted documents recounting her tortuous adventures with the Austin Independent School District and the Human Rights Campaign. There is so much here that must be read simply to be believed. We will comment more on this as more details emerge.

This timeline alone will raise some serious hackles (or should):


  • 4/4 – Submitted Open Records Request to Austin ISD – “Welcoming Schools. Please provide all Welcoming Schools communication and documentation including but not limited to the approval process, execution, events, announcements, pledges, petitions, teacher instructions, parental notification, calendar postings, emails to/from/between District employees and Trustees, and promotional materials including but not limited to images of stickers, t-shirts, posters, flyers, and cards.”
  • 4/12 – Received reply from Austin ISD saying that they don’t have Welcoming Schools
  • 4/12 – Submitted examples of Welcoming Schools in Austin ISD
  • 4/25 – Received cost estimate for $635 to respond to the request
  • 4/26 – Received a copy of the AG letter from Austin ISD –
  • 5/9 – Submitted a modified request for teacher modules to Austin ISD – “Please provide the teacher modules for the Welcoming Schools program.”
  • 5/10 – Received 22 page document from HRC –
  • 5/12 – Requested confirmation from Austin ISD that request was being processed; Received confirmation from Austin ISD
  • 5/15 – Received 116 page response from Austin ISD –

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