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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Comprehensive Sex Ed -- coming to a school near you

Austin Independent School District's is revamping its sex ed curriculum, which currently starts in 5th grade with the topic of puberty. However, plans are now underway to develop a curriculum based on the 3R's program from Advocates for Youth, one of the longest standing and most radical pro-LGBT organizations in the country. This organization promotes abortion, pre-marital sex, homosexuality and transsexuality to children, and the sex ed curriculum it has developed is bringing these messages straight to the classroom. Starting in kindergarten, the children will now be discussing their genitalia in explicit detail in co-ed groups. Here is a sample of a kindergarten lesson plan:

Most girls have a vulva, which is the name for the area between the legs. The vulva describes the whole area including the small hole where urine or pee comes out called the opening to the urethra, the hole below that, which is a little bigger and is called the vagina that is used when a female has a baby, and the hole below that where a bowel movement, or poop, comes out called the anus. So a person with a vulva has three holes between their legs and a very sensitive little area at the top called the clitoris. 

Not only is this lesson promoting the graphic exploration of children's private parts in a non-private setting, with children of the opposite sex and adults who are not parents, but it says that most girls have a vulva -- with the implication that some do not. 

This is only the kindergarten lesson, so can you imagine where this leads in later years. If parents and citizens do not step in, this is the future of sex ed, where children are sexualized from the youngest ages, and taught that sex and one's private areas are topics of open and unabashed public discussion. Modesty, privacy, and family rights are thrown out the window. And even if these lessons are opt-out (meaning the parents can choose to exempt their children from the lessons), this information, and the resulting behavior and attitudes, will spread through the school. Schools will no longer be a place of protecting innocence. 

All of this is part of a larger agenda laid out in the National Sexuality Education Standards. Other prominent topics include diverse families (incl. same-sex parenting), gender spectrum (a 1st grade lesson includes reading and discussing My Princess Boy), sexual consent and non-consent (how to give or deny consent), and safe and non-safe touching.

If parents want any of these topics taught to their children, they should be the ones to teach them in a truly safe and private environment. Otherwise, this is grooming for sexual predation, where children are desensitized to discussing sensitive and private topics such as sex and their bodies, and where they are aroused by role-playing and discussions about sexual topics.

What happens in Austin will inevitably spread to other cities and towns, unless parents remain vigilant and aware. One suggestion is joining your local SHAC (School Health Advisory Council), which makes recommendations regarding sex ed. Please also contact your schools and the school boards to let them know that you do not want graphic, comprehensive sex ed being taught to your children. 

And if you are in Austin, we need you get this message out to all parents you know with children in AISD. Write letters and make phone calls to district officials and the board of trustees.  The two individuals currently adapting the 3R's curriculum for use in grades K-5 are:

Michele Rusnak, 
Health & PE Supervisor,

Pat Werner,
Health & PE Specialist,

It's not too late to stop this, but only if people are willing to stand up and refuse to let their children be subjected to this indoctrination.

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