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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How to Navigate the Emotional Tactics of the LGBT Lobby

Gov. Abbott now seems disposed to override the obstacles to SB-6 (the "bathroom bill") and force a vote on the legislation in a special session. The LGBT lobby is, we must remember, one of the most persevering and relentless movements to afflict American society. Their vast gains have resulted from their use of multiple tactics and complicated long-term strategy. They waged a cultural war, which I discussed recently in this article here. While we would prefer, of course, to conduct our defense of the natural family with goodwill and civility, we cannot be naive. The gay movement is ruthless and exploits any weakness, crushing those who show any chance of wavering; it is for this reason that it is never advisable to apologize to the LGBT community.

SB-6, or the bathroom bill, has been on a journey since the beginning of the 2017 session. Early on, lawmakers articulated the idea for a law thwarting the LGBT lobby's attempts to force females to accept males calling themselves "transgender" into their bathrooms and lockrooms early on. The measure flew through the Senate quickly, getting out of committee and sweeping the general Senate through a decisive vote. It has widespread support across the state since almost nobody wants to open a Pandora's box and start fostering delusions in young people about their having vaginas but being males, or having penises but being females. While gay marriage may have posed a difficult dilemma for people who had LGBT loved ones, whom they wanted to see happy (even though gay marriage was not really about that), the transgender issue plays out on an entirely different landscape. Few people sympathize with the preposterous claims the transgender movement makes and the frightening viciousness of the trans trolling community has left them with very little trust from the public at large. It is much harder to see trans issues as simply something bringing happiness to people we know, when the trans lobby keeps demanding that we obey their strange demands about language, what our kids will be taught, public funds for dangerous surgeries, and access to intimate spaces of the opposite sex. People feel overwhelmed by the trans issue and few members of the public have confidence in the platform issued by groups promoting trans ideology.

Yet the Texas House would have to vote on SB-6 in order for it to become law. The Speaker of the Texas House has argued against SB-6, citing many of the unpersuasive reasons often offered for trans-affirming policy. Through the entire spring session, SB-6 sat in committee and never even came up for a vote. Then, as people's angers boiled over about the obvious contravening of popular rule of law, a last-minute compromise was suggested as an amendment to a different bill. The amendment was presented as a milder version of SB-6 but groups like Texas Values showed that the amendment was weak and would constitute, in the end, a victory for the trans movement. The clock ran out on the spring 2017 session, meaning that unless a special session is called, SB-6 or any similar bill would have to wait until 2019 to become law.

The LGBT lobby is notorious for working at lightning speed, and for turning each victory into a stepping stone that can lead to more sweeping measures, often by public relations pressure and court cases. It is likely that in most of Texas's more than 1,000 school district, the lavishly funded gay lobby has individual families waiting to petition principals, claiming their child is "trans" and must have a precedent-setting accommodation that involves letting their child into the bathrooms of the opposite sex. Once this accommodation is granted, then the child's family can sue if anything happens that does not make their trans kid 100% comfortable. Other kids can be disciplined for being insubordinate or "bullying" if they do not go along. And in tandem, new curriculum makes its way into lower grades, flooding the classrooms with pro-LGBT material designed to suggest to impressionable kids that they might be gay or trans.

Governor Abbott benefits from the 20/20 hindsight of past states that bowed to LGBT pressure and did not dam the LGBT flood before it was too late. He has indicated his willingness to call a special session of the Texas legislature to force a vote on SB-6.

The gay lobby, seeing that their strong-arm tactics may have indeed failed, will now resort to other tricks from their bag of contrivances. And so, voila! We have this Houston Chronicle article stating that a caring Pearland mom who has a trans child wants a "meeting" with Greg Abbott.

Gov. Greg Abbott, as my colleague Mike Ward has reported, is under pressure from some lawmakers and advocates to include the so-called "bathroom bill" in a call for a special legislative session. But if Abbott digs into the emails sent to him from Texans via his website, he'll find a note from a Pearland mother expressing a different perspective. Kimberly Shappley, the mother of a 6-year-old transgender daughter named Kai, wrote to Abbott this week suggesting that the governor meet with her and her daughter "as you weigh the heavy decisions in front of you." Shappley has been an outspoken advocate for policies that respect transgender identity. Last year, after the Pearland ISD superintendent made some controversial remarks about the issue, Shappley pleaded with the Pearland schoolboard to allow children to use school bathrooms that conform with their gender identity. (The board has not taken this step).

Gov. Abbott has to pick his strategy carefully. The Houston newspaper seems to be linked to a family of journals, which includes the San Francisco Chronicle, a paper whose reporter once called me, in 2014, and pulled a nasty trick on me under the guise of just wanting to have an innocent little chat. Obviously your average concerned mom does not have the connections to snap her fingers and be profiled in the Houston Chronicle, so she has coaches and contacts with some major gay organizations. She and her child will likely have rehearsed a specific emotional appeal, designed to make Gov. Abbott look bad unless he surrenders immediately to her demands, which will be that he cancel the vote on SB-6.

Having worked with the LGBT Hydra for decades, here are my pointers for Governor Abbott:

1. If you can, do not meet with this woman. Have her meet with someone very low on the food chain, by politely offering to schedule a time for her to come and talk. Ideally, appoint a young woman who works in the Austin civil service to meet with her, hear her "concerns," and take notes. Do not give this woman, Kimberly Shappley, the chance to stagger the Governor in the hopes of getting him to commit an unforced error that can be publicized.

2. If the Governor meets with her, have it be very public. Make sure multiple camera crews under the governor's control record everything so nothing can be misrepresented.

3. Express compassion and concern for Ms. Shappley. Tell her noncommittal things such as, "obviously your family will have a lot of struggles, and we would like to be a part of easing your struggles." Offer to pray with her and for her. Pray sincerely that her child comes out of his experience with a healthy regard for the body that he was born with.

4. Politely greet Ms. Shappley, heed her respectfully, and tactfully bid her farewell when the meeting is done.

5. Afterwards, if pressed by aggressive reporters, remember to reiterate the following points:

• Ms. Shappley's child faces a vast array of emotional and developmental challenges, the least of which will be gaining access to girls' bathrooms.
•Ms. Shappley's child will face discomfort in either the girls' bathroom or the boys' bathroom, because in either place he will be identified as different. The school needs to address whatever tensions arise between him and the other boys in the boys' bathroom. The sum total of disruption (for all involved) will be by far minimized by having Ms. Shappley's child use the facilities associated with his biological sex.
•Clear documentation exists to show that if authorities signal any policy that appears to reaffirm the transgender ideology, problems spread throughout the school system. Now, implicitly, 100% of children in the school will be compelled to call Ms. Shappley's son a girl and affirm the entire scientifically weak case for transgenderism, or be disciplined for bullying and/or misconduct. All the teachers will be forced to adjust curriculum in all subjects (even math) to avoid bringing up anything to cast doubt on the weak ideology that leads Ms. Shappley to identify her own son as a girl.
•Therefore, for the good of all children, including Ms. Shappley's child, SB-6 must pass and Texas schools need to focus on standard curriculum and training.

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