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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Supreme Court lets California keep its ban on sexual orientation therapy for minors

If you watch the videos posted from MRTexas's April 1 citizen action meeting, I hope you notice that Mass Resistance Texas sought to paint a complete picture of LGBT curriculum and its broad impacts on schools and families. Each of the goals of the LGBT movement are troublesome on their own. Together, they are toxic. Let's examine the full menu of LGBT policies, all targeting youth:

1. Curriculum introduced at very young ages, forcing four-year-olds and older children to learn about homosexualilty and transgenderism.

2. Both legal and informal measures to stifle any information that runs counter to the false precepts of LGBT curriculum. See what happens to people who make public statements or publish points that debunk the "born gay," "gay is the new black," "coming out early is health," "gay sex is fine," "the Bible doesn't really ban it," "you can't change," "no gay people ever molest children," "gays are always the victims of bullying," "gays will kill themselves if they do not get their demands," etc. -- all LGBT tenets that wither immediately under scrutiny. Question this horrendous propaganda, and you can be blocked from social media, fined, de-licensed, shunned, attacked, and often denied legal protections. 

3. With a one-way propaganda stream pouring down on the heads of young children, there are also concerted efforts in Hollywood to flood popular culture with misleading images of homosexuality and transgenderism as utopian routes to happiness--from Walt Disney to ads for breakfast cereal, everywhere young people turn, they are confronted with rainbow messages.

4. Education codes are being changed in order to redefine discipline so that children, teachers, and staff can suffer adverse consequences if they are caught questioning or resisting LGBT propaganda.

5. Title IX has been redefined so that now homosexuality and transgenderism are equated to race and sex. As a result, schools have to devote public funds and bureaucratic support to offering services -- such as Gay-Straight Alliances -- to children from younger and younger ages. 

6. Courts have been largely won over by decades of pro-LGBT curriculum in law schools, so that gays who sue people for discrimination find very sympathetic ears, while people who sue gays for anything from sex abuse to harassment find that they can rarely receive justice.

7. A huge enterprise of LGBT publishing has created whole libraries of LGBT books targeted to each age from pre-K to adult, so that as children grow up, their academic research will be entangled with the false propaganda in their libraries.

8. Children who have been sexualized too early and forced to become curious about homosexuality are then encouraged to join social clubs for Gay-Straight "Alliances," usually with gay mentors. By the ages of 12 and 13, they are already curious and placed in contact with older, experienced gay mentors who cannot only feed their curiosity but also instruct them on where to find sex in town and how to engage in sex.

9. Perversion of First Amendment law has enabled pornographers to saturate the internet with homosexual pornography and pornography about transexual bodies. The failure of Prop 60 in California set the precedent that it will even be impossible for states to force such pornographers to impose condoms on their actors. As a result, children are exposed to utterly unrealistic depictions of homosexuality, leaving out the unsanitary nature of anal sex, the rectal bleeding, and lifelong problems with incontinence, not to mention high risk of AIDs.

10. Rules to protect children from bullying or child abuse have been warped. Instead of intervening to help bullied kids by teaching all children not to be unkind to peers, the school rushes in to tell bullied kids that it's okay if they are gay, and then overwhelm them with informational materials that reinforce the assumption that if they are called homophobic names, they must really want to have sex with the same sex, and should start. To protect them from "child abuse," the children are given access to consultations about homosexuality and transgenderism without informing parents or other people who could intervene and stop the indoctrination.

11. With all the above factors, children are highly vulnerable to experiencing homosexual activity at a very young age--essentially molestation, whether the child thinks that it is what has happened, or not. Unlike in heterosexual molestation cases, homosexual molestation cases are difficult to prevent and adjudicate because (1) so much of youth happens in sex-segregated spaces absent supervision, and (2) people are very afraid of accusing gay people of child abuse and then being labeled homophobic.

12. Churches are being slowly infiltrated by left-wing fake Christians citing John Boswell and Matthew Vines as if they are theologically sound (they are not). With its vast resources, gay groups need only to finance one transgender teen or one gay couple with a child to join a church and then cry foul over chastity sermons, for that church to dissolve, retreat from the gospel, or face lawsuits. These cases trickle up and have transformed a majority of Protestant denominations into pro-gay religions; the Catholic Church is close to flipping as well. Hence families will find churches unwelcome places to seek guidance and discipline on sexuality.

13. The aftereffects of molestation often cause children to believe they are gay and they need to continue this activity. But now the crown jewel of pro-LGBT policies is this: THEY ARE MAKING IT ILLEGAL FOR COUNSELORS TO HELP THEM AVOID MORE OF THIS ACTIVITY IN THE FUTURE. Counselors and therapists risk losing their licenses if they tell young people to avoid homosexuality or transgenderism. See this latest development:

We have to mobilize and get moving! Taken as a whole, this is turning into a pornographic dictatorship. A small group of people are forcing their perversion on an entire country and crushing anyone who resists their power. Remember -- each of these developments is bad, but when all are taken together, it is dictatorship.

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