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Thursday, May 18, 2017


Hey everyone, we are in a treacherous field, as you all know. I went to the Reno paper this morning to learn about the latest "conversion therapy" ban--signed by Nevada's Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval (after GOP govs. Christie in N.J. and Martinez in N.Mex also signed similar evil bills). And who do I read is leading the charge? Yvette Cantu Schneider, identified as a "bisexual"!

Here's the piece:

Some people on this list once worked alongside Yvette, and many of you will remember her. She is (was) a former lesbian who came out of that lifestyle (and eastern mysticism, etc.) after having been witnessed to by a Christian co-worker. That was her testimony, anyway. She worked, as Ken Ervin and I did, under Bob Knight at FRC, and was a regular speaker at Focus on the Family's "Love Won Out" conferences (as I did, sort of as the token "culture war" guy alongside the great Joe Nicolosi and then-"ex-gay" John Paulk). Yvette was a powerful speaker at those LWO events. She supported AFTAH, and told me emphatically that she had experienced "complete" & permanent change, per the 2007 statement below responding to Alan Chambers' early equivocations on ex-gay change. Here is the AFTAH item, which I'm not taking down (but I can no longer avoid posting a tragic "update" to it):

"I came out of homosexuality after a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ and a desire to serve and obey Him. I can say with complete honesty that I NEVER have homosexual desires of any sort – physical or emotional."

Yvette, who is married, ended up embracing the dark side after her daughter (Erica?) had a heath crisis (leukemia, I think). Under the (IMO, demonic) influence of a "goddess"-worshiping counselor (or something like that), she switched sides and donated the proceeds of her book to GLAAD, a wicked, anti-Christian LGBT group. Now the apostate Yvette apparently calls herself bi, although I presume she is still married to Paul (a good guy) because she keeps his surname. I cannot imagine that Paul is too keen on his wife telling reporters that she's bisexual.

Sexual sin, of whatever stripe, is one of America's idols. I appreciate all of you who never wavered on Truth. Keep going. Never quit, because we're all working for the Lord. It's His Truth, not ours. Yvette, Alan Chambers, Randy Thomas, John Paulk and others, became, in effect, traitors to God, which really sucks and it makes me mad--you don't expect that from "believers." But the "elite"-driven world and a powerful, secular, God-denying zeitgeist are arrayed against us, and some people just succumb to Satan and his lies.

I remember back in those good old days working for Bob at FRC when Yvette told us how she was reading through the Book of Jeremiah for the first time, and how it was opening her eyes. She needs to go back and reread Jer. 17:9: "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?" Please pray for Yvette and Paul, and other rebellious souls, and that our movement would somehow glorify God amidst all the cultural wreckage. God bless. -- PL

Peter LaBarbera
Americans For Truth
(a reporter for LifeSiteNews)

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