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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Open Letter from Girls' Moms to the Mom of Trans Child


Dear Snowflake Mothers,

We read your letter, another in a string of so many, asking the Texas Governor to meet with your “transgender”child.

We are desperate Moms too. We have no organizations with millions and millions of dollars to protect our daughters or to backroom-bully and finesse lawmakers, while at the same time threatening children and mothers with violence or slandering them with slurs for made up political affilations. We have no organizations generating false information, fabricated statistics or publishing fake studies, no whole huge media campaign of prime time.  It seems you hope to deprive other people’s daughters of a basic human rights for safety and privacy in a girl’s toilet locker room, showers, or school-sponsored overnights.

No TV shows that tell the story of the five-year-old girls attacked and sexually assaulted by men and boys that identified as girls and women see here and here and here. Hardly anybody knows about the Transgender teenage girl so violent that authorities needed a placement far form actual girls after “she” was allowed to share private space with actual girls.  The violent youth was put in maximum security while Transgender groups advocated for the youth who had nearly killed two girls to be with girls.

Here are facts that parents and law makers need to consider. 

The long-term study of transgender outcomes concluded that “Male to Female” transsexuals 
retain male-pattern criminality, including crimes against women and children. The media draws from transgender advocacy websites, weighted with fake statistics that run the rage from “41 per cent attempted suicide rates" which have been largely debunked, to the fiction that transgender women do not aggress females, to the very troubling statistics of the murder of transgender women which West neglects to clarify. For instance, the significant fact of these murders is not that these individuals were transgender, but that almost every single transwoman killed in 2015 in the USA was of colour and at least five were prostituted. Both of these demographic components (prostitutes and males of colour) suffer discrimination and violence at extraordinarily high rates.”

You want the governor to meet your child? Well, we want him to meet ours. Your child is well practiced, drilled and used to the media. Our children have seen and lived a much different experience. But our children are just actual girls.

In the bathroom and locker room our daughters’ only peers” are girls not boys in pink. Our children did not agree to be de facto part of your son’s treatment plan. They have not entered into a contract with you and your son to give up their basic human rights. We are not all in this together.” We owe our daughters safety and privacy and honestly this is not negotiable.

You should know that one of our daughters had surgery at age 4 to save her life. There were no questions, no wait and see. Why? Because there is reality. And that is what life-saving means, not dramatics acted out for fans and politicians, no slogans, no tee shirts, no LGBT galas, no placards.

No doctor would ever question the course of action that doctor took. A question that haunts any doctor dealing with a “trans” child is what does it mean to do horrific unneeded surgery on a child that has nothing physically wrong with them?” To every sane doctor in the western world your son is male. Otherwise doctors are in the business to save lives and do.

Your child has not had any painful surgery. Which is good and correct because he is a male and a child and does not have any actual biological or medical issues. Parents know this and so do our children. It should be said and his classmates should say it.

As mothers, and this is very important for you to understand, we do not think your child is more important than our own children. Why you would imagine we would? You want to paint us as bigots or ignorant because your child is super special cause celebre. We see you and your child as harmful to ours and we say it.

We also would have much to say to the Governor and so would our daughters. Here’s what we would say:  As a result of boys like your son and their families actual little girls are being diagnosed with urinary tract infections leading to life-threatening bladder and kidney infections. They have no privacy, no feeling of safety. They are too afraid to go to the bathroom at school. Because boys have made their lives a living hell.

They have nothing to fear, you say. Activist and members of your Trans rights and advocacy group have attacked children, publicly threatened to beat them, rape them, knock their teeth in. Both transgender children and adults have been caught doing this. It is documented and the Governor should open an investigation into transgender violence against children and women.

Women have reported that:

“2013, male "transwoman," Alberto "Ally" Robledo was barred from using the women's bathroom in an Idaho store because women were complaining. A few months later he is on trial for reckless driving to get away from the cops, and for PUNCHING A FEMALE IN THE FACE. In 2016 he goes public to champion the noble cause of allowing males into women's bathrooms, stating "I would rather get charged for being in a women's bathroom than get beat up by men." HE is a man who beat up a woman, but that seems not to matter here.”

Schools that allow males in the girls’ room will begin to compensate every girl for pain and suffering and lifelong damage that this has caused. Kidney damage is not a “feeling” or an “identity.” Again it is real and it will kill. The schools and the states that support this better be prepared to stand in courts and be judged.

How far is this going to be taken?

Do also expect girls to pretend your son is a girl?
How to enforce this?
What kind of child abuse will you demand be carried out on our children?
Have you even for a second considered how it infringes, impacts and harms ALL other children's rights and parents’ rights?

We as mothers are not bowing to the emotional blackmail, the threats to self-harm, and the narcissistic maneuvers that worked in the past. There are no suicide threats, no bullying, no public shaming that is going to force us to sacrifice our children because you think yours matters more. Not to us. Our children matter to us. We will not give over our children’s rights.

We raise our daughters to be honest, to not demand unwarranted attention and unearned celebration, to do their best, to think for themselves, to not accept every fashion and trend sold to them as one thing when it is actually something else. We told them not to lie to others or themselves. And to avoid others that do.

Children can make a moral judgement based on their perceptions and the tools we provided in the home. Our parenting is perhaps rather dull when compared to snowflake parenting and that social circle. Almost none of our approach has been on the talk show circuit, or has photo shoots. Yet real moral imperatives play out every day. Even in 1st grade children understand pronouns. Pronouns that are not accurate make people complicit in denying girls’ basic rights. The dishonesty, the attention-seeking, the threats and adults that surround this argue that your son’s feelings are more important than all other  children’s feelings and perception and even biological reality.

We will protect our own children because you and your supporters seek to harm ours. You pushed yours into the fray. For whatever reasons, that is your parenting choice. We have ours.

It troubles us that The Gay Media supports the sexualization of children..  Your son will not be “just six years old” for long. The future for our daughters isn’t as bright.

Left wing journalism: middle-aged gay men celebration of little boys dressed up— how cute.

There is a word for men that sexualize children. Clearly we need to begin educating our children  early. In just a few short years little girls in 1st grade will be in middle school and  can be sexually harassed by “transgender girls” Do not underestimate the massive volume of sexual harassment and threats of violence from transgender “girls” and adults. People have compiled reams of examples, documentation of the sexual and the violent threats and violence.

If the Governor needs any more proof there’s plenty.  And certainly there are the parents who are bigoted and insane enough to imagine that our daughters matter at all in comparison to your son—forgive us our folly.  Thank you for your time and attention.


The Silenced
and bullied and threatened
Mothers, Aunts, Grandmothers, of actual girls.

Here are some general sites that begin to touch on the issue and are a good intro for students in public schools and their parents. 


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