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Saturday, July 22, 2017

David Pickup, LMFT's Testimony to Texas Senate Committee on SB-3

Statement to Senate Committee, 07-21-2017, SB3 “Bathroom” Bill

My name is David Pickup. I am a licensed psychotherapist who holds private practices in Dallas and Los Angeles. I work primarily with men who experience gender dysphoria, gender inferiority issues, and emotional abandonment from childhood. I am writing in favor of SB3.

Do you know what it is to feel deeply confused from a young age that your body is one sex but you feel like another? Do you know what it feels like to be depressed, suicidal, discouraged and detached from your own body and from the people who were supposed to love and affirm you? My clients do. Therapy can resolve these issues.

I mean no disrespect at all when I say that allowing biological males in women’s restrooms is tantamount to abuse. It’s abuse to those people who are many times not aware of their own deep emotional issues and to those for whom this is an issue of safety. Not passing this bill would be unconsciously participating in dysfunction. Statistically, most dysphorics resolve their gender dysphoria diagnosis by their 20s. Why do LGBT activists not offer funds for therapy that works to resolve these issues rather than fight for a political agenda that has no basis in fact? Denial of truth is never therapeutic. Perpetuating a fundamental untruth is never compassionate or politically mandated.

I can assure you that safety in bathrooms is indeed a real issue. It’s an issue of emotional and physical safety for all concerned, even for those who don’t know it. There are men, (not usually transgenders), who would take advantage of girls and women in locker rooms and bathrooms if given opportunity to do so. Take the road of compassion and health. Pass the “Bathroom” bill.

David Pickup, LMFT

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