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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Press in Texas Rallies to Shield LGBT Child Abusers -- Again

[please rally in defense of Scott Sanford. Contact his office and tell him that you support him--tell him he should NOT back down, because he is RIGHT!]

In Texas, currently there is a great deal of controversy about LGBT issues. This is for several reasons. First, Texas is a large state that has a greater number of confident and bold Christians than any other state. Because of the clout wielded by many such people, there have been recent political victories against the LGBT lobby in Texas, which could not have realistically happened anywhere else:

--a bill allowing adoption & foster care agencies to restrict placement homes to those with a mother and father, excluding same-sex couples if such is the policy of the agency
--a bill protecting the conscience of public officials, allowing them to refuse to sign certificates for same-sex couples
--a high profile court decision that upholds the position that Obergefell v. Hodges, the 2015 Supreme Court decision nationalizing legal gay marriage, does not compel Texas to give gay married couples equal benefits or standing relative to heterosexual couples. (This is because Texas's constitution still bans gay marriage and, according to this logic, is not forced by Obergefell to override its own constitution.)

You can imagine how many meetings gay groups must be having right now, discussing how to fundraise and organize to beat back these developments. They will likely rummage through their bag of usual tricks and see which ripostes will work best. Should they play the victim and play reruns of Matthew Shepard and Tyler Clementi until people pity them so much they back away? (This may not work since the late Obama years saw the LGBT lobby behaving more like egotistical powermongers than like victims!) Should they keep a low profile and just gather secret files on judges, politicians, and famous people--blackmailing principals at the top to stop this tidal wave? (This is not working as well as it has in the past, because people are harder to embarrass in Trump's America and they seem to have used up all their blackmail cards already.)

Inevitably they will stumble upon one of their tried and true devices: twisting around quotes and making people sound like monsters. Hence in response to a perfectly reasonable comment by Texas lawmaker Scott Sanford, I see this Houston headline: "Texas Lawmaker Says Allowing Trans Kids to Be Themselves Is Child Abuse!"

The Orwellian psychological operations behind such deceitful headlines are no mere knee-jerk responses. Consider that in the headline's twelve words a number of lies have to be disguised as simply strong reactions to what Rep. Sanford said. Yes, Sanford did mention child abuse, but note:

1. "Allowing" is a misleading word. The debate in which Sanford said that "promoting gender confusion to children is child abuse" took place in context. A law (SB6) has been proposed statewide in response to a law that Houston passed (HERO) which forced businesses in the city to admit biological males into female spaces like restrooms against the wishes of people who wanted not to have women vulnerable to men. Houston's HERO law played out alongside countless school district policies that force similar bathroom access on large numbers of people who don't believe in the Trans experiment and who just want girls to be safe from predators and children to be safe from perverted gender bending. "Allowing" is not the same thing as forcing people to deal with the opposite sex hovering around them while they are naked and defenseless.

2. "Trans Kids" is illogical. No child is trans. Nobody is trans. This is a phony, made-up fad that grew as an extensive byproduct of the long tradition of drag queens and cross-dressing, which never implied that a special class of people would be identified as "trans" and given all the benefits and privileges of both their birth sex and their transitional sex. If any such class of people existed biologically, children would be impossible to identify as "trans" since their bodies have not developed the sexual differentiations of puberty yet. There'd be no way to separate normal children's play from this bizarre scientific category that is roughly fifteen years old.

3. "To Be Themselves" is utterly preposterous. They aren't trans. Trans is not who they are. See #2. This identity is being forced on them by irresponsible parents, exploitative activists, corrupt administrators, and bad teachers. The trans identity is an external imposition, not something inside the child begging to be let out.

But while this title looks like it was thrown together by a bunch of brainless idiots, don't be fooled. Like all things LGBT it was carefully workshopped and crafted to carry out a seamless fraud on the reader.

It took lots of planning. Why? Because they knew Rep. Sanford is right--this entire LGBT movement aimed at children is child abuse. And they are involved in a concerted racket to protect the abusers to whom the LGBT movement is allied. This is orchestrated child abuse because the LGBT community needs to ensure its long-term survival by duping whole generations of innocent kids into their phony identity and harmful activities. The LGBT lobby is involved in a massive effort to ban "conversion therapy" because they want kids thrown into the pipeline and then locked into LGBT identity with no way to get out. For the whole system to work, the abusive machination at the heart of their long-term strategy must evade scrutiny and buck preventive and protective measures.

If you know anything about the LGBT lobby you know they plan, plot, strategize, and scheme. Much of this has to do with the sexual acts on which the community first built its identity. Since the act of sodomy is unpleasant and harmful, their entire social network is based on complicated layers of psychological contortion.

Whereas a man and woman can jump into the sack and make love for the passions they feel in the moment, "sex expert" Woody Miller, author of How to Bottom Like a Porn Star, explains in this series of essays (warning: NSFW), in order to engage in homosexual intercourse at least one of the men in the couple has to devote all of his waking hours to keeping his body ready for the trauma and sepsis caused by a male partner sodomizing him. To "bottom like a porn star," which really means, "to make the painful and unsanitary act of sodomy tolerable enough that someone can enjoy it," the homosexual male must acquaint himself with enemas, douching, fasting, dietary restriction, special exercises and mind control techniques. One guide to this sex act tells gay men that if they can't find an enema they can just buy bottles of spring water, stick them inside themselves and squeeze to flood their insides with fluid in the hope of cleansing themselves. Imagine how your day's schedule would differ if your waking thoughts were tied up in tracking where the nearest supply of appropriately sized bottles of spring water was.

The entire allure and promise of homosexuality is based, really, on the unrealistic depiction of muscular handsome men partaking in magically clean, rhythmic, and unproblematic acts of penetration--as seen in porn. Woody Miller's book is a necessary "guide" for men who jump into this lifestyle thinking that what they see in porn will be their own experience, which it won't, of course. To produce a pornographic scene of sodomy the male actor has to engage in hours of douching, fasting, self-lubrication, and careful dieting--and even with all these measures, often the actor has to sniff amyl nitrates or use some other muscle relaxant, and the scene will take hours to film because all of the pain, awkwardness, and filth that will still ensue must be erased in the process of film editing.

Premeditation plays a role in homosexual life, therefore, that it does not play in the life of others. While heterosexual porn is also unrealistic, it is nonetheless still realistic for a man and woman to jump into sex without this much painstaking preparation. The female body lubricates naturally and the sexes' anatomies complement each other and make intercourse feasible and enjoyable without a lot of gymnastics. It won't look like porn, but it will still be a fun time between a man and woman. For homosexuals the only intercourse they have is an intercourse that takes over their entire life, as described in Woody Miller's column, dictating when and how much and what to eat, requiring a host of accessories that heterosexuals don't have to worry about, and even then, a strenuous transformation of mental attitude to convince someone whose body is being abused and damaged that this is a pleasurable act of love. Drugs are often necessary simply to coax the male body to overcome its own protective reflexives, which will make intercourse hard or painful.

Witness, if you will, the massive outrage expressed by the public over Teen Vogue's sickening column advising young teenage girls about how to engage in "anal sex"--many of the reactions are compiled here by Matt Walsh. Perhaps the worst part of the column is that Teen Vogue tells girls they are simply being closed-minded if they think "poop" during sex is something wrong and unenjoyable. I couldn't help but point out on Twitter that people who find the Teen Vogue ode to anal sex disgusting should be equally horrified by what is being marketed to boys through "gay-affirming" school curriculum.

To understand, then, the ruses and deceptions of the LGBT movement you must understand three elements discussed above:

1. Orwellian language games (nothing is straightforward)
2. Concerted protection of abusers (nothing is haphazard)
3. Premeditation (nothing is spontaneous)

When you try to protect people from the vicious harms posed by LGBT activists, you have to remember, at all times, that everything is more complex than it looks at first glance. They are always several steps ahead of you because their whole life is consumed in delusional identities based on sex acts they have to go to convoluted lengths to convince themselves they enjoy.

In the meantime, please rally in defense of Scott Sanford. Contact his office and tell him that you support him--tell him he should NOT back down, because he is RIGHT!

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