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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

These are the people who want to talk to your kids, Part 1

You know the old saying: "Burn me once, shame on you; burn me twice, shame on me."

In the case of the LGBT lobby and children, we have to add: "burn me fifty times, shame on me and everyone who ever left me alone with you."

Currently in Texas the debate rages about what to do with SB3, something proposed that deals with transgender bathroom access. It's also much bigger than just the "bathroom bill," because school districts all over Texas are grappling with stealth efforts by LGBT activists to transform what students actually learn. The Human Rights Campaign is pushing "Welcoming Schools" on children as young as four or five, and they are not the only ones attempting to replace standard arithmetic, reading, writing, and science, with shamelessly inappropriate curriculum about homosexuality, transgenderism, and political issues such as same-sex marriage or gay parenting.

Needless to say, children at these impressionable and vulnerable stages are not equipped to receive this instruction. The instruction itself is improper since much of what these activists claim is false (for instance, male-male intercourse is not benign and is linked to a plethora of deadly diseases.) The motives are even falser. The LGBT lobby is convinced, largely based on their own memories of their particular childhoods, that children are hardwired and destined to become LGBT at very young ages. All the science we have available to us flies in the face of this, but for some reason LGBT activists find the "born this way" claim their most crucial. Because they think four-year-olds are already programmed naturally to be LGBT one day, the activists think it's perfectly logical and helpful to overwhelm them with information about homosexuality and transgenderism when they're toddlers, as a way of making the inevitable transition easier and less painful for those who are going to be "coming out" in a few years anyway. 

Cultural history and science both reflect a reality horrendously at odds with the LGBT worldview. Regardless of the vehemence with which many gay activists swear they "knew for sure" they were gay from early childhood, studies show that sexuality is fluid and fluctuating, existing on a spectrum. The hormonal turbulence of adolescence and slow development of the frontal lobe of the brain are linked to the consistent discovery that children's sexual orientation is not clear or predictable, with many children who claim gayness at an early age saying, by their late twenties, that their homosexual feelings receded and gave way to heterosexual impulses. 

Even if we were to accept the false claim that children are hardwired from early on for LGBT or non-LGBT destinies, there remains the stubborn reality that health outcomes are poor for children who rush into LGBT identity and activity in their teens or earlier. Sexual activity is emotionally turbulent for anyone when they are young, unprepared for the consequences of intercourse, and unable to survive on their own. When you are dependent on your parents, your parents have a right and duty to intervene if you are rushing down a dangerous path or consorting with bad influences, whether you appreciate that intervention during adolescence or not. So rushing into sex prior to financial independence is a surefire way to increase the risks of a standoff with parents. When you add to this problem the heavy-duty complications of LGBT lifestyle, you venture into a danger zone. While it is copiously depicted in pornography, anal sex is a complex undertaking with a massive margin of error. Because LGBT "youth" exist as a small minority among their peers, they are often going to drift into sexual relations with older members of the LGBT community, leaving them open to predatory behavior and exposing them to the perilous social interactions of the adult LGBT world, where high rates of addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, domestic violence, assault, and other problems do not mix well with the instability of adolescence.

To teach children about LGBT life is, in most cases, to introduce and suggest it to them at a time when they shouldn't be encouraged to jump into it. But let's say we want to teach kids about this sexual content at a young age to prepare them for the topsy-turvy world out there. The curriculum put forward by Welcoming Schools and other gay-affirming educational groups is not the right way to bring this topic to kids. It is blatantly false, presenting LGBT life as untroubled and joyful. It equates all kinds of intercourse, glossing over the hygienic and epidemiological problems that afflict anal sex in particular. It romanticizes homes, relationships, friendships, and social circles tied to LGBT activities, all but coaxing the children to rush into those milieus expecting happiness and sunshine.

One problem is that this material should never be taught to minors in school at all. But a bigger problem is who is pushing this material right now.

These are the same people who've burned us a thousand times before, as I will elaborate in a series of posts on "These are the people who want to talk to your kids." The movement behind these curricular changes found success almost entirely by threatening, embarrassing, and insulting people who stood in their way. They have never improved the lives of the people they claim to champion. Nor have they ever behaved in a dignified way to people who had reservations or objections to their work.

The impetus for the folly of teaching kids about strange sexualities comes from a group of people who were wrong about every measure they promoted to society at large; they are largely responsible for millions of people in America dying of AIDS not to mention the new drug-resistant forms of syphilis and gonorrhea; they have contributed to mental health disasters among millions of gay Americans caught in a subculture of unstable relationships and unhealthy beauty standards; they are responsible for a spike in same-sex rapes in the military and partly to blame for the rise in military suicides; they have complained about bullying and teen suicide for decades and have only aggravated these problems with every youth program they've tested; they undermined the adoption system and contributed to the growth of new forms of human trafficking and eugenics to meet their demand for designer babies; they have been the single greatest force in destroying free speech at schools and universities with their gross distortions of Title IX and anti-harassment laws... but worst of all, they are horrible, vicious people who have made the gay subculture, once a place of blossoming creativity, a place of acrimony and nastiness.

In coming posts, I will present a cast of characters and tell you about what they've done in the past, the many lies they've told and people they've ruined, the spite and bile and slander they've fueled across the globe. 

Because we've been here before. They've come to the public many times with sob stories and platitudes about love and tolerance. And they've never been truthful or right about what they've presented to the public. 

If you let them burn you in Texas schools, you can't claim you didn't see it coming.

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