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Friday, September 15, 2017

Religious Right Takes Bathroom Fight Back to Schools after Defeat at Capitol

by Michael Barajas, staff writer for the Texas Observer. You can reach him on Twitter or at

The linked article above is highly biased in favor of LGBT goals; but if you read between the lines, we're winning a lot of ground.

Here are a few comments:

I don't know what Allan Parker had in mind when he told the Jenner story; but for me, it illustrates the unavoidable fact of biological gender despite the fantasies of transgenderism; i.e., when a trans-woman dies, the corpse that's left is forensically male--- end of story.

The Texas House did NOT "refuse to pass" the Texas "bathroom."  Joe Straus assigned the bill to a committee with a hostile chairman who refused to let the bill come up for a vote.

Joe Straus' "I don't want the suicide of a single Texan on my hand (sic)," is without any scientific evidence and caves in to the emotional blackmail that manipulative people often use. If avoiding suicide is the goal, then NOT giving into the blackmail is clearly the best path since science DOES indicate people who fully "transition" to the opposite gender have a suicide rate 20 times normal.

Bullying of LGBT people is a minuscule portion of the bullying problem in schools, most of which is about body size.  LGBT activists focus on bullying because it allows them to sidestep laws that would otherwise prevent them from introducing students to highly sexualized material put out by the Human Rights Campaign and other bad actors.

The argument that the change in SAISD policies merely brings SAISD in line with the school systems of comparable cities explains and justifies the presence of opponents from outside the District in that the introduction of transgenderism into school policies in one district is a threat to parents and children in all districts.

Barajas' description of Sharon Armke's distress over an instance of transgenderism left out the most important parts, which were (1) the source of the child's desire to be a girl (i.e., feeling unloved as a boy) and (2) how easy it would have been to steer him in the right direction if not for the influence of transgender ideology on the mother. 

All the talk of safety in the article is exquisitely sensitive to a tiny percentage of the school population in flagrant disregard to the safety of a huge percentage of that population.  Ms. Hudgens passed out a two-page listing of actual cases. 

In general, the article uses "LGBT rights" as if such rights actually exist.  They do not.  SAISD and the other districts that have preceded SAISD in adding transgenderism to local policies are establishing a protected class not found in existing law and against the wishes of the majority of Texans.

SAISD, like all public school districts, has a "predatory monopoly" over education within in its boundaries and is using that monopoly to establish policies that would guarantee the collapse of the Districts student population if parents were free to choose where they send their children to school.  

In the end, LGBT activism is not compatible with freedom of speech, religion, association, conscience, commerce, etc., etc.  LGBT ideology is one of the most oppressive influences in all of American life.

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