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Thursday, March 1, 2018

‘Proud to be conservative; proud to be transgender'

Major Canadian church abandons the Gospel to appease LGBTQ lobby

‘Speech Zone’ Lawsuit: Christians Limited to 0.08 Percent of Campus as ‘Pride Day’ Gets Free Rein

Ohio Group Calls Out Transgender Clinic For ‘Experimenting’ On Kids

Love and Hate in Sharp Contrast

Court: Civil Rights Law protects claims of employment discrimination based on sexual orientation

SCOTUS holds up Arizona Supreme Court ruling in case of lesbian couple

Kincaid Interviews LaBarbera, Camenker on CPAC Banning Pro-Family Groups Fighting LGBTQ Agenda

Small U.S. town bans ‘Gay Pride’ parade, now targeted by nation’s top LGBT activist groups

Stop Bexar County Commissioners Granting Special Class Protections to Unnatural Lifestyles That Will Lead To Domestic Failure

Man Arrested for Threatening Church for Offering Help to Girls Struggling With Homosexuality, Transgenderism

Log Cabin Republicans’ Float in ‘Gay Pride’ Parade Mocked Military with Crude Gay Sexual Humor – As Children Watched

AFTAH: Is CPAC Conservative When It Bans Anti-Gay-Agenda Exhibitors While Welcoming LGBTQ Activists?

We Must Reclaim Parental Rights as Building Blocks to a Healthy Society

Sign Petition! - Help Pastors Stand against Government Overreach

MassResistance Writer Asks In Wake of CPAC Ban – Is the Conservative Movement Dead?

CPAC vilifies and slanders MassResistance to the public!

13 Ways Public Schools Incubate Mental Instability In Kids